I was referred by a friend to the Beyond Tax Prep business. I was provided with exceptional information about how to best maximize my tax returns. Mrs. Smith is very knowledgeable of IRS requirements. She was able to navigate as well as educate me on the regulatory requirements of changes in the IRS regulatory laws. I highly recommend this professional entrepreneur to anyone who is looking for personalized, professional and a knowledgeable business that will work with you hand in hand to meet your financial needs.

– Ursula F.

Debbie’s knowledge, professionalism, and calm demeanor made the process of filing my taxes super smooth. My family and I are customers for life! Thank you BEYOND TAX PREP.

– Rhoda

This was a prayer answered, a red sea parted in our lives. I have never met a more professional, caring, motivated individual. Who will help anyone day or night.  My taxes were done wrong, and  I could not get in contact with the agency. But God, who led me to Beyond Taxes to my rescue. This is a state-of-the-art more than a tax office. I highly recommend them to anyone, and I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them.

– R. Grant

Wanted to share my testimony on the incredible job Mrs. Debbie has done with me preparing my taxes. I have actually been a client for a couple of years now and the professionalism, understanding of the tax system as well as educating me on the different things I need to do throughout the year in regards to my taxes. Anyone out there who wants someone that cares about you as an individual and doesn’t look at you as just another number, I highly recommend Mrs. Debbie. Thank you for everything!!!!

– K. Lenzly

A problem solver, intuitive, patience personified, motivated, a results driven professional are all descriptive terms to describe Deborah Smith and the high quality of service I received during my consultation with her. In addition, I also believe anyone seeking financial advice, tax preparation and resolution, personal and/or business guidance would be doing themselves a high favor by selecting her company’s services as well!

– F. Price
Castro Valley, California

I like to provide my testimonial on the great service that I received at beyondtaxprep Debbie she actually educated me on things about taxes that I didn’t even know, she help me save a 1000 dollars on my taxes honestly so if I was to get audit I have my documents etc and will not be worried at all. Honesty is the great policy and she has your best interest at heart she will do my taxes for me forever.

– Gary G.

I am so grateful for the assistance I was able to receive from Debbie on just understanding my tax returns. I expressed to her how I had never had someone explain them to me in a way that I could really understand until now. Not only was she experienced in tax preparation but also in business matters as well. I was extremely satisfied with overall experience as my tax and business consultant.

– Charity E.

Deb is the greatest! She always takes care of everything in a timely manner and always calls back! She has kept the IRS from writing me and has straightened up all my problems for me. I would give her a big fat a+ for all that she has done for me and my business! Thanks for everything, Deb!!

– Adriane G.

I just can’t remain quiet about the relief I felt after speaking with Miss Debbie at Beyond Tax Prep. She took on the details like they were for her own family. The anxiety that dropped from me, was only exceeded by the detail of her work. Hard to imagine you we’ll find a better choice.

– John M.